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Club President Rtn. Kennedy Samuel's Speech at the Installation Ceremony held on 17th July 2022; at Dnyeshwar Hall, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune 411007. 

It is a great Honour for me to be standing here in front of you as the 27th President, of the Rotary Club of Pune Sports City, thankyou for bestowing faith in my abilities, and I assure each one of you of doing my best, and with your support, we will take our Club to greater glory. 

At the outset, Club members imagine reducing the huge gap between the haves and the have nots; these gaps are increasing every single day; be it with basic Literacy,  Food & Shelter, Good health, wellbeing:  in fact with all the basic needs required to lead dignified lives.

Friends there is lots to do!

And I take reference from ancient scripture; “the harvest is abundant; but the work-hands are few”

Our very own RID Dr. Mahesh states: imagine, inspire and implement; these 3 words will be a mantra the world over this RY; and we too in Pune Sports City will dot these I’s, so to say; in all our endeavours, to reduce the gap between the haves and have-nots.

With hand on the plough, sickle in hand and as sailors say, once set to sail; no looking back.

My plans, dear friends, for the RY 2022-23 are as follows: -

Member Retention & Growing Membership

Engaging members is crucial for retaining members, and early this RY we asked our club members what made you join Rotary and What do you wish getting done at Sports City? 

This dialog will be ongoing and will help members engage meaningfully and will give significant directions to all the leaders in Sport City.

Our goal will be to retain over 90% of our club members and grow the club to maintain the status of a 100 + member club, this RY.

We will add one Interact Club, one Satellite Club and Re-start a Rotaract Club this RY.

Foundation & Fundraising

Sports City are recognized as top donors in 3131; this RY too we will continue with the same zeal and meet our goal in the category of over USD 20,000.

Fundraising will be another area where we will engage most of our club members and Anns, to implement mega fundraisers like Dandia, reintroduce the White Cane Ball and fundraisers to promote handicrafts made by the children of Bal Kalyan and other NGO’s.


CSR Funds, Global Grants: Sports City have done commendable work with Global Grants, we will continue our efforts through 2022-23.

Projects we would like to do with the CSR funds & GG: -

  • Literacy projects: providing basic education to the children living in temporary shelters between age groups 4 to 14 years & Teacher training programs.
  • Setting up Vocational Training workshops and Science Laboratory for the underprivileged students between age groups 15 to 18 years.
  • The Savitribai Phule Pune University opens doors to explore areas of collaborations this RY.  Assisting deserving students pursuing higher studies who lack resources; will be our endeavour, among other.
  • Collaborations with Foreign Students is another area we have synergies with our very own Rotary Exchange programs.

As a summary of above: we hare significant synergy partners to reach out to serve students from the pre-school age to post graduation level; this we imagine and will deliver.

CSR Funds are an area Sports City are ready to take on this RY.  We have credible CSR partners, for instance ATOS the French multinational IT company’s a mega project funded to the tune of over Rs. 42.10 lakhs; this project includes community development, women empowerment, and economic development. Execution of this project will start within a week or so and will be a referral for other mega projects, with leading CSR partners and Donors as our very own Shree Nitin Kariaji.

-Medical projects:  Squint eye correction will be Sports City’s signature project.

- Cataract surgeries will continue as focus area, through 22-23.

- We will participate in awareness seminars, and in select medical projects with the District Medical teams, Synergy partners and other Clubs in 3131.

- Environment: Correcting wastewater for reuse, we have credible synergy partners in SERI, CEO Ms. Sayali Joshi is here; pleased to inform; that SERI are recognized for successfully treating waste water in Varanasi,  have accreditations from Japan and other international organizations for their patented solutions in this domain.

Plogging, Tree plantations & Water harvesting will be areas where we will engage with our District initiatives, Rotaract, and other clubs in 3131.

Talks with a leading CSR partner to collect waste from hills and recycle this waste are being finalized.

Compliance and Governance: Sports City Trust and Club accounts are compliant in all respects, this year we aim to be ISO compliant too.

There is lots more to say, however, around this time next year; I promise to show-cause these endeavours as achievements; when I am called to “talk about the year that was”.

As members of Rotary Sports City, we all have a significant role to play, and I believe each one of us has what it takes to play these important roles; be it in retaining members, adding new members or timely completion of mega projects.  Throughout this Rotary Year we will ensure inclusive and enjoyable experiences for every club member, donor, and beneficiary: this we imagine, will implement and will be our inspiration.

Finally, I thank the Immediate Past President Kiran for all she has done and especially Club Trainer RY 2021-22 PP Brij and all the Board of Directors of the RY 21-22 for galvanising our club towards greater heights.

Members of the Club and Invited guests I humbly accept the position of President of the Rotary Club of Pune Sport City.


Rtn Kennedy Samuel

Club President Rotary Year 2022-23






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