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Are you looking for a way to make a difference in your community or communities around the
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About Club

It was the year 1995-96 set to Act with Integrity-serve with Love Work for Peace as the RI theme, by RI President Herbert G Brown, with a special task.     
The Calgary Challenge to achieve Highest Net Gains in the membership was when the seed for the Rotary Club of Sports City was sown. The purpose was to stress the importance of the Membership Growth, and encourage clubs & Districts to increase their membership. In response to this Challenge of RI President, the decision of forming this club, was taken at a meeting of the District Extension Committee held on 17th July 1995, Chaired by the Chairman Rtn. Sharad Hoshi form Panvel. The very next day, i.e. on 18th July 95, the District Governor Dr. Philly Karani appointed Rtn K. Vital Rao, of R/c of Pune, Ganeshkhind, as the Governor’s Special Representative and gave approval to R/c of Poona West, to sponsor a new club in the suburban areas, outside the Pune Minicipal Corporation’s Limits. The president of the club was Rtn. Dr. Rajeev Deshmukh. The proposed area finally, were the virgin extensions of Ramnagar, Bavdhan , Baner & its surroundings, Sanghvi, Rakshak Society, Balewadi & Sports city adjoining western boundary of PMC. Preliminary survey for extension was carried out in the proposed areas, by the Extension Committee, and an Extension Survey Report in the designated Form 806 was submitted to DG on 2nd Oct 95. The first meeting of the Organizing Group was held on 4th Oct 95 & a second meeting on 11th Oct, 95 was held at No. 10, Vishrambag Society. These meetings were addressed by the DG Dr. Philly, PDG. Satish & the GSR. This was followed by submission of Organization of New Club form-807 to DG on 12th Oct 95. Third meeting of the Organizing Committee was held on 18th Oct, 95 at the same place, finalizing issues like Budget, the Fees, appointment of a Treasurer, review of Membership Place/ schedule of meetings, Discussion of Clubs Constitution & Bye Laws, Territory, Elections, Annual Day etc. The DG granted the status of Provisional Club to the group with effect from 26th Oct, 95 and ever since then the provisional club started meeting regularly every week on Wednesdays. On adopting the Club’s Constitution & Bye –Laws on 1st Nov, 95, a nomination committee was elected, which after holding its meeting on 8th Nov, 95, submitted its report on 15th Nov, 95. The recommendations of the Nomination Committee went smoothly, unchallenged, and the nominated members were declared as duly elected. The elected Club Officers & Board of Directors started functioning with immediate effect.






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8 Cr

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What we do

Rotary members belive we have a shared responsibility to take action on our world's
most persistent issue. Our 5,000+ members work together to :



clean water

Saving mothers
& children


Growing local

Club Mission Statement

Make members involved in all Club activities Undertake Service projects which address the need of the community and are sustainable Encourage Giving by Members, Donors, Companies and Public at large Provide opportunities to members to become future leaders in Rotary world

Club Vision Statement

We will make our Club where our Members are proud to be associated with and has opportunity to serve the society at large.

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Our Leaders

Ashutosh Dubey


Sushrut Sardesai