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Opening of Bank Account for Domestic Staff by Pune Sports City

Winter in New York
04 Nov, 2017

Beneficiaries : 30

Cost : 0

President : Jayashree Halbe

Rotarian Team : Brij Mohan Sethi, Jayashree Halbe, Pryank Agrawal, Rupinder Beri

Non Rotary Partner : NA

Description :
Zero balance bank accounts were opened for domestic staff (helpers, clears, drivers etc) of a residential society in Baner. The object of the project was to inculcate saving habits among staff aiding to a feeling of well being and security. Tiara Apartment Society at Ivory Estate, Near Greenpark, Baner, Pune witnessed the opening of bank account for nearly 30 staff members by Rotary Club of Pune Sports City in conjunction with Bandhan Bank.

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